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Team ADS is American Dance School’s Elite Competitive Dance Team. The team competes in regional and national competitions throughout the year as well as attending workshops and conventions.


Being part of the team requires commitment and discipline. Although the team competes against the top dance schools in the country, the main purpose is to prepare students for the stage in becoming a professional performer.


Team ADS has celebrated many successes in its first two seasons. The team boasts a wealth of awards, which include; National champions, regional champions, choreography awards. invites to World Dance Championships in New York City. Being part of the team also exposes dancers to top choreographers and dance schools. Due to this, students from Team ADS have been offered scholarships and placement to the UK’s leading dance schools and dance programs, including the Northern Ballet School, Bird College, Pineapple studios, Addict Dance Academy, Performer's College, Italia Conti, Wilkes Academy, Alternative Dance Company, MGA Musical Theatre Programme in Scotland, Creative Academy, LIPA and much more.


How do you become a member of Team ADS?

  • You will need to be a student of American Dance School which includes the compulsory Ballet class. 

  • Auditions are held annually 

  • Can be invited onto team


If you are interested in joining Team ADS and would like further information, please email